Why You Need to Incorporate Yoga Into Your Life

by | Dec 3, 2017 | Wellness

This is one of my besties Gemma (follow her on insta for amazing inspiration @gemmavassallo). She is Australian (like me!) and now an international yoga teacher extraordinaire living in Paris 🇫🇷.



Isn’t she amazing? We used to do yoga together nearly every day when we lived in Sydney. We were obsessed. We also didn’t have kids so we enjoyed spending our Saturday mornings at an early power vinyasa class, followed by coffee, breakfast and then wander through the farmer’s market where we would buy more food, fresh flowers and lots of treasures. Oh how I miss those days!!!  We then both moved across the world. I went to America and she went to France. Although we don’t see each other much anymore and don’t chat as often as we should, when we do, we chat for hours at a time (we’ve all got those friends right?)!


Gemma is one of the first people who introduced me to the idea of living a toxic free lifestyle. I thought she was crazy at first and that it was all a bit hocus pocus, but when I wasn’t falling pregnant and learned that what I was putting in and on my body could be affecting my fertility, my mindset completely changed. Gemma became my ‘go to’ person for all things non-toxic!!! Yoga also became a lot more meaningful to me. Instead of just the physical aspect of it, I used it to help my mind while I went on the epic emotional rollercoaster that is infertility.


Since having my girls, I have not kept up my yoga. I’ve been more into things like cycling, weights and other cardo classes. However, this morning, I was reminded why I used to love yoga so much. I was having a battle with my brain which was telling me to do a cycle class to burn as many calories as possible but my body was screaming at me that it was sore and tired. I saw Gemma’s picture she posted on Instagram and it made me stop and listen to my body. I went to yoga and had the most amazing class. I was able to strengthen and nourish my tired and sore body while calming my ever racing mind. I fell in love with it all over again. 💜


So what is it about yoga and why do I love it so much?
  • It was what helped me through my infertility journey. It helped me stay present, release my emotions and breathe. It allowed me to have time each day to give my mind a break from what was going on.
  • During my high-risk twin pregnancy it was the only thing I was allowed to do but it allowed me to stay strong and flexible, preparing me for what was a successful natural delivery (and again with my third child).
  • It also helped me get my body back in shape post-delivery and strengthened my pelvic floor.
  • Currently, it gives my mind and soul the nourishment it needs to handle stressful situations while keeping my body strong and flexible to keep up with my children!


Maybe you don’t like yoga. Maybe you find it boring or you don’t think it’s a workout. But once you allow yourself fall in love with what it can do for your mind, body and soul, you’ll become addicted to it. Trust me!


And as Gemma says “The yoga journey is an amazing one, and yoga comes in so many shapes, colours and sizes, so if someone reading this tried yoga once and didn’t like it or thought it was “boring”, try a different teacher and style! Find the way that’s right for you and open yourself up to what will surely be a deep and transformative journey.”


Visit Gemma’s website: gemmavassallo.com

(Also check out the iPad app from Daily Burn for amazing 20-40 min at home pre-natal yoga classes.)

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