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Spring is here! The temperatures are warming up and the flowers are blooming. It’s time to make the inside of your home as fresh and beautiful as that perfect spring day. I know our house is in major need of a good spring clean so I wanted to share what areas to focus on and what products to use that are better for the environment and free from harsh chemicals.

I have been using some cleaning products from Norwex for a while now and I am so impressed with how they work. They are good for the environment, good for you and they work. Plus you will save money when you invest in them. And all you need is water! The BacLock in the cloth (an exclusive micro silver antibacterial agent) goes to work to self-purify and inhibit odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within the cloth within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again.

If you are a paper towel junkie then let me help you! You can replace your paper towel habit with just a few cloths that can be used over and over again without washing!!!

When you think about spring cleaning, there are the obvious places like closets, cars and mud rooms, but you can’t stop there! How about your stovetop, countertops and door handles?


Here are my top 10 areas in your home to focus on!


  1. Countertops are among the most heavily used surfaces in the average home. They are a dumping ground for everything! So, find a place for all those items and use a Norwex EnviroCloth to wipe them all down. All you need is water!


  1. While you’re in the kitchen and bathroom, give some attention to doorknobs and handles. We touch them every day and they carry a lot of germs. Again, just use your EnviroCloth and water to wipe them down and kill the bacteria. Also, give those showers and baths a good scrub and get rid of any mold and stains with this Bathroom Scrub Mitt and Cleaning Paste! This Cleaning Paste is an environmentally friendly paste that works to clean, polish and protect chrome, stainless steel, porcelain and similar surfaces in one application


  1. Don’t forget about your stovetop and oven! While harsh chemicals promise to get the job done, you should have to expose your family to those fumes. Use this Cleaning Paste again with your damp EnviroCloth to remove stubborn stains!


  1. What about your windows and mirrors? I used to swear by a white vinegar/water solution and a million paper towels. But now, I just use a damp EnviroCloth to remove any marks and then this Window Cloth to remove all the streaks. Works like a charm!


  1. What about your floors? Get rid of that mop and bucket and use this mop (wet or dry) to get that sparkle back.


  1. Bed linen…when was the last time you washed your duvet cover? Give it a wash with some of this safer laundry detergent (that actually works!). Independent studies have found that your laundry detergent and dryer sheets may be the most toxic items in your home with chemicals that range in side effects such as allergies, neurological disorders, fertility issues and cancer. These chemicals are coating your laundry, and your skin (being the largest organ) absorbs these chemicals from the clothing.
 Norwex detergents have no toxic chemicals (SLES/SLS or Phosphates), dyes, perfumes, or fillers. As a result, it has NO smell and you only need a tiny amount to do laundry (1/2 – 1 tsp. for HE and 1/2 Tbsp. for regular machine for the UPP powder detergent and only TWO PUMPS of liquid for each full load!). The detergents last a LONG time! My clothes smell so fresh but not “perfumed”. Remember, smell does not equal clean! Clean doesn’t have a smell. I then love to put a few drops of lavender essential oil on my wool dryer balls to give my clothes and linen a lovely smell.



  1. Warbdrobe! What spring cleaning would be complete without a deep dive into your closets? Sort through it and if you haven’t worn something in the last year its time to get rid of it. Be ruthless! I promise you it will feel amazing! If you don’t LOVE it, you’re never going to wear it. Then give your cupboards a good spritz with a lavender and peppermint essential oil blend. So refreshing!


  1. Clean out your fridge and freezer! This is so rewarding once it’s done. Your freezer is probably so full of food that’s so old you don’t even know what it is anymore! Clear it out and use your EnviroCloth to wipe it down.


  1. Take a few minutes to clean out your garbage cans. Again, use your EnviroCloth to wipe it out, and then a few drops or spritz an essential oil like Young Living’s Thieves to give it a pleasant smell.


  1. The wood trip (skirting boards) are something we tend to skip over. Once a year, grab your EnviroCloth and wipe them down. It’s amazing the difference it makes to your home.

Mark a day in your calendar to get this done. Tidy up, give your home a clean and you’ll be in such a better headspace for the rest of the year! If you have any questions about any of the products I’ve mentioned please reach out and ask me! They will change your world!!!!

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