What’s the ‘secret’ to being successful at direct sales?

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Entrepreneurship

Do you want to know the ‘secret’ to being successful at direct sales?


Do you need to have a super outgoing personality?

A lot of luck? 

A huge network?

While these things can definitely help, for most people, they are not a factor. In fact, the people that have those things usually dont find long term success because they are missing some other key factors!

I am more of an introvert and when I started my business I had a very small network. Id moved from Australia to the US and I basically had to start from scratch. So it wasn’t ‘luck’ that earned me the Beautycounter incentive trip to the Ojai Valley Inn this year. This was my third incentive trip and only 127 out of 40,000+ consultants earned it. I’ve had lots of people asking me how I did it so I thought I’d share some tips on how to be successful in direct sales. 


Only sell something you believe in. Don’t join a company just to make money. Do it because you believe in what they are selling/offering. Then you don’t have to be salesy. You can just share what you love. While I was never a product junkie, I believed in Beautycounter’s mission and educating others on making safer choices. It was less about selling eye cream and lipstick and more about sharing important information.


Consistency. So many people think working hard for a couple of days is all they need to do to be successful and then they wonder why it isn’t working. They have one good event or sale and think they can take their foot off the gas. The successful ones are the ones who keep going every day, even when they think nothing is happening.


Grit. You’re going to hear ‘no’ a lot. Get used to it, it happens to all of us. The ones at the top are no different. They have just heard ‘no’ a lot more than you.


Get help from people who are more succesful than you. Surround yourself with the people you look up to.  They have already acheived what you are striving for so these are the people you listen to!!!⠀⠀


Follow simple systems. If your team doesn’t have systems than create them! The key is to be duplicatable. You want to have a system to sell your products so even if someone isn’t a ‘sales’ person (which most people are not), if they follow the system, they will have success. 


I hope these tips helped! If you are a stay at home mama and looking for a way to make some extra money, check out my Mumpreneur’s Guide to see what options are available and what resonates with you!

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