Wedding Rings 101-Safe Keeping For Your Precious Stones

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What’s the most expensive thing you put on daily? Unless you are rocking fine jewelry on the regular, your answer is probably your engagement and wedding rings.  Maybe you just got engaged or you’ve been married for years, either way taking proper care of those precious rings now will save you stress and money in the long run.  

I’ve had a few issues with my rings and diamonds falling out. I know it’s because I’m not taking proper care of them…until now! I have found the perfect solution!


Your rings should be cleaned regularly, jewelers suggest every few weeks.  Diamonds deserve to sparkle and let’s be honest, a lot of time and energy was put into finding the perfect ring so let them shine! No need for expensive cleaners. Just fill a bowl with warm water and a few drops of dish soap.  Let it sit for an hour (or longer) and scrub with a new toothbrush. Don’t forget to cover the drain when rinsing off your rings in the sink.



Always check in on your rings.  If your jeweler is local stop in a few times a year to have it examined and make sure things are tight and in great condition. If you give your rings a gentle shake and you hear anything head straight in to have things tightened. The more often you wear your rings during activities where they come in contact with hard surfaces, the more likely you are to loosen prongs and possibly lose diamonds.  



The safest place for your rings is on your finger but wearing your rings during certain activities will cause damage and stress to your bands and diamonds. Since keeping your rings on your person is the safest option use RingHero – The wristband that keeps your rings in your safe haven.  Best of both worlds, your rings are secured on your wrist in a zippered pouch and protected from risks of sweat, damage or theft.  

When to Take off Your Rings:

If you want your bling to stay in mint condition it’s key to take them off during certain activities.  

Working out: Running, yoga, cycling, pilates, golf, tennis, and more all put pressure on the metals and can lead to loose prongs. And let’s be honest working out in rings when your hands are swelling and sweating is not comfortable!

Primping: Moisturizers, shampoo, hair spray and more products can build up on your rings. Chemicals in these products can decrease the shine of your rings as well.  

Swimming: Cold water shrinks your fingers and makes it super risky to wear your rings in a pool or ocean.  

Cleaning: Harsh chemicals in cleaning products can damage and stain your rings (for safe cleaning products click here).  And don’t forget those hard surfaces you are cleaning that could also cause damage.  

Cooking: During food prep and cooking it’s best to remove your rings.  Germs and bacteria can get stuck in your setting and you risk your rings slipping off in the sink.  

Beach: Sunscreen and sand can build up in your ring causing damage, so beaches are a place to protect your rings as well.  

Medical Industry: Do you work in health care? Don’t tie them to your scrubs and lose them! Use your RingHero to safely store them on you!

Take care of those gorgeous rings now and they’ll keep sparkling for you and your generations to come!  xx

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