10 things I bet you didn’t know my thermomix could make…

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Food

Wondering what all the fuss is about with a Thermomix? Until 2011, I had no idea what they were. All I wanted for Christmas was a new Kitchen Aid so I could make cakes. Instead, my husband presented me with a Thermomix. I was like “What is this? I wanted a Kitchen Aid!” (And yes, I am quite aware of what a spoilt brat I sounded like!)


Well, I soon felt ashamed of myself when I truly discovered what this machine was all about. It even came with a consultant who did a free cooking demonstration at my place! So I invited some friends over for a three course meal and drinks! 



Here’s what I found out…


1. It’s a German machine belonging to the 130-year-old family owned company Vorwex.

2. It is the most innovative and versatile kitchen appliance on the market. 

3. It’s popular with chefs all over the world as a valuable kitchen assistant (I’m talking Heston Blumenthal from The Fat Duck and Michel Roux!)

4. It is all digital and its trade mark ‘Cook-Key’ connects you to thousands of recipes from around the world.


And here are all basics you can do with it’s functions…

Mince (meat, ginger, garlic, chilies, herbs)

Grind (nuts and seeds to make your own nut butters)

Chop (onions and vegetables in 2-10 seconds for instant salads and coleslaws)

Purée (soups, sauces, baby foods)

Grate (parmesan and other cheeses)

Mill (rice, wheat)

Froth Milk, whip cream, whisk (eg egg whites)

Blend (smoothies, juices, drips and pâtes)

Emulsify (eg mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, dressings)

Weigh all your ingredients as you go

Knead dough for bread, pizza, pastry

Sauté, cook, stew, reduce and simmer 


So you can see it can basically make anything…but it doesn’t stop there.

HERE ARE 10 things that I bet you didn’t know I could do with my Thermomix!

  1. Use it as a personal bartender – no need for your classic cocktail shaker, my Thermomix (with it’s sharp blade and high mixing speed) can whip up any cocktail of your dreams in just a few seconds. Espresso Martini anyone?

2. You Can Make Your Own Playdough – so easy, my twin 4 year olds make this one. Much cheaper than store bought and faster to do that ordering on Amazon or going to the shops to buy it!

3. It’s also a Flour Mill – no need to buy your almond flour anymore. Just throw a bag of almonds in there yourself! Same with wheat rice, oats or any other grain. Thanks to a speedy blade and the ability to cut through even the finest of grains, you can make any flour you desire!

4. Whip Up Fruit Sorbet in Three Minutes!

5. DIY Curry Paste – never before would I have bothered making curry from scratch. But with the ability to mill my own spices, I can whip up an authentic curry paste in minutes! It is alarmingly simple and best of all, I’ve done away with my mortar and pestle! 

6. You Can Make All The Cakes-With the ability to beat eggs, knead dough and melt butter as well as any pastry chef, your Thermomix is quite possibly the best sous chef you can get your hands on. 

7. Nut milk – No straining needed. Whip your favorite nut milks up in under 4 minutes (no joke). Ingredients…nuts and water. Nothing else!

8. Love ristotto but hate the stirring? Never fear! Thermomix will do it for you! Just add the ingredients and it will do the rest. Perfect risotto every time!

9. Home and body products including candles, hand wash, body butter/scrub, tinted lip balm.

10. It cleans itself! No messy, hard to reach cleaning spots. The machine cleans itself in about 10 seconds. Just rinse!

Wondering what else it can do? Ask in the comments below and I will be sure to let you know!!! This machine has changed my life and I love that my children can use it too and learn about weighing ingredients, temperature, following recipes, and even making up our own! Any recipe you have can be converted to a Thermomix recipe. It could not be more simple to use. Hey…if you can read, you can use this machine. And if my husband can use it, anyone can. Haha! 

Now I know what you’re thinking…is she going to tell us how much does this thing costs??? 

Yes, of course I will!

It’s $1448 USD which also includes all the attachments and recipe book. It’s definitely an investment but when you consider the time is saves you in the kitchen, the money is saves you from buying store bought products and the health benefits from making all your own food, it’s worth its weight in gold.  It’s also important to note that this machine doesn’t get put away like all your other appliances. You know the ones??? The ice cream maker, rice cooker, blender, juicer, nut milk maker etc that you bought with the best intentions and used them at first…but now they’re just collecting dust. Your Thermomix will do all those things for you and you will use it because it’s SO EASY to use and clean. Plus it looks stylish sitting on your counter top so that helps!


Before you buy one, have a consultant come to your home and do a cooking demonstration for you. That way you can see it in action before you make your decision. Cooking demo’s are free so invite some friends over, enjoy some cocktails and see what it can do! 

 M xx





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