New to Potty Training? Here is My Best Tip!

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Mum life

We’ve just been through potty training with the girls. Doing it x2 is no easy feat! I’m not going to give advice on potty training as every child is different. One thing I will say though is, wait until they are really ready!


Now that they are newly potty trained, we are in that in between stage where they are still working it out. For me it adds so much more stress. For starters we are late to everything (well, who am I kidding we are always late but even later now) because I have to make sure they have been to the ‘potty’ before we leave the house. But, a couple of girlfriends introduced me to the best invention ever. The portable potty.


It is so handy. I bring it everywhere with me. We went to The Bahamas a few weeks ago and every morning I’d have to take the three girls to the pool on my own (my husband was working). I had the potty with me and it meant that I didn’t have to drag the three of them to the restroom when one of them needed to go. When we go for a walk, I have it under the stroller for desperate times and it’s been a life saver. I’ve used that thing more times than you will ever know! Stuck in a line at the fun fair to ride the pony? No worries! Just whip the potty out. Having lunch at Dim Sum with friends in a private room? No worries, just whip the potty out (don’t judge me please!!! I’m all about convenience haha). It also fits on top of a normal toilet seat so you can use it in public restrooms, as well as your own toilet at home!


What life saving devices do you have at your place???

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