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by | Apr 3, 2018 | Home and Style

I love going to craft fairs. I recently (well actually, I say recently but I mean at Christmas time!!! Where does the year go?) went to the Renegade craft fair in Chicago with some girlfriends. We left the kids behind with the boys, enjoyed some mimosas at brunch and then got our shopping on!


I always love shopping at fairs like this. Not only are you supporting small business owners, you are finding one off amazing pieces and quite often supporting amazing causes around the world. I love discovering new talent and also seeing how much it means to someone when you buy their product. As a small business owner myself, I know how it feels. We all do a little happy dance when someone purchases from us. It truly means the world!


So here are a few favorites I found…


When I saw these cushion covers from Anchal Project (follow them on insta @anchalproject) I knew I had to have them. They were totally my style. I made a beeline for them and ended up purchasing three! Anchal Project is a nonprofit social enterprise that addresses the exploitation of women around the world by using design thinking to create employment opportunites, products and markets that support empowerment.

Then I discovered these amazing earrings from @_hechizo. They jumped out at me when I walked past the Hechizo (by Hali Emminger) stand and I was sold. Now I want them in every colour!

And how cozy is this hat? Punchy Magnolia finds a new sustainable purpose in the most loved and worn cashmere sweaters. The outcome is a timelessly beautiful, functionally cozy with a sophisticated playfulness in the creation of luxury outdoor wear and accessories. I’ve never felt so warm and comfortable in a winter hat! Obsessed!!! And considering winter has decided to stick around this year, it’s not too late to get one!!!

Those who know me know I absolutely love being in my casual clothes. I LIVE in my active wear. That being said, I still want to look cute! I recently discovered the cutest shoes. They are from Allbirds.

I am hooked! I’ll be getting a pair in every colour! They are so comfortable.

Here are some facts about Allbirds:

  • Designed in NZ.
  • Made from superfine NZ Merino Wool
  • No socks required.
  • Machine Washable.
  • Made for seeing the world (not running a marathon!)


They are the perfect shoe for every day living. How cute are they? Perfect for me and my casual style!

And lastly, I have found the perfect RED LIP. I never used to be one to wear a bold lip, especially red. But I have found a red that doesn’t intimidate me!

Why do I love it?

  • It is easy to apply and super hydrating.
  • It goes with ANY skin tone.
  • It is SAFE to use (did you know most lip products contain lead and other heavy metals? And if you’re a lip girl, you’re ingesting about 1lbs of it every year).
  • It dresses you up in an instant!
  • When you purchase it, you’ll receive it in a box with a phone number to text to advocate for better beauty laws. Did you know the beauty industry was last regulated in 1938? Yup…basically companies can put whatever ingredients they like in our products, even ingredients linked to health harm like cancer, infertility, learning disabilities. If this shocks you, you can read more about that here.



I hope you check all these small businesses out! Follow them all on instagram as well for daily inspiration! xx

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