I have a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) and 10+ years of classroom experience. Come here to learn how you can help your child in their first years of life. Plus, you’ll see the real real of my parenting journey.

How to teach your child to read (without getting frustrated)!

I was talking to some girlfriends on a recent trip and we started to talk about school and pre-school. One of my friends was telling me how frustrated she felt trying to teach her daughter to recognise letters. Her daughter’s teacher had her doing flash cards every...

New to Potty Training? Here is My Best Tip!

We’ve just been through potty training with the girls. Doing it x2 is no easy feat! I’m not going to give advice on potty training as every child is different. One thing I will say though is, wait until they are really ready!   Now that they are newly potty...

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