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by | Jun 30, 2018 | Entrepreneurship

Are you a stay at home mom who is ready to make their own income again?


I always had ideas of how I would venture out and create my own special spot in the world…but I had zero experience and no idea where or how to start. As an early childhood teacher, I thought that was my calling…and I was really good at it. But there was always something in my mind telling me I was meant for something else. After having my three girls, I knew I didn’t want to go back into the classroom (at least not right away). I kept looking online for other options where I could work from home but also do something fulfilling. I needed purpose back in my life and I also wanted to earn some money!


I’ve always been into healthy living and my IVF journey taught me so much more about what I was putting in and on my body. So when I was introduced to an opportunity with a company called Beautycounter by a twin mom friend of mine, I knew this was what I had been looking for. I was able to launch my own business without the overheads, without inventory and without starting from scratch. I was provided with the training tools and support to get me started in my business and I was joining a team to guide me to success.


I had never worked in ‘sales’, I had no idea what to do but I decided to go for it because…’Why not?. What did I have to lose?’

It was a minimal investment and the returns had the potential to be huge. So I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back.


I just feel it’s my duty to make you aware how life changing this type of home business can be.


My husband was a little skeptical.. so were a bunch of people around me (“Oh aren’t you just part of a pyramid scheme?”). But people say things out of previous experiences that have no relevance to this unique business and your unique self.


Deciding to start my own business has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s changed my life for the better. I have purpose again and I am happier because of it.

There’s no need for sales pressure, or experience of any kind. The type of people in this business are just like you.  Usually women and moms who love to share information about living a healthier lifestyle.


So, if this sounds intriguing to you, do these three things…

1. Watch the video below.
2. Fill out the form so I can send you more information about starting your own Beautycounter business..
3. Get ready to see a change in your life!

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