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Looking for inspiration for indoor activities for your kids?

It’s a crazy time and we are all doing the best we can. Everyone is in a different situation so my biggest advice is don’t compare your family to others. Maybe you and your partner are both working from home full time and trying to homeschool your kids, maybe one partner is working and it’s up to the other to deal with the kids.  Whatever your situation, it’s ok. These are unprecedented times. You can’t be expected to do it all. It’s bloody hard!



While I am excited to share some activities to do with your kids, know that I am using the TV and iPads as much as the next person! It’s my only sanity and the only way I can have a true break.  For example, this was dinner the other night with ipads and earphones. It was the best 30 minutes of peace we had had in a long time.  


So, now that I’ve been real, I’m excited to share some activities I’ve pulled together from my own experience and suggestions from those of you on IG who replied to my IG stories!


There are some incredible offline and online resources you can use with your kids to do indoors. Don’t forget you can still go outside and get some fresh air by walking, riding bikes and scooters etc. But when indoors, here are some ideas…maybe aim to try one out a day!


Your kids might be engaged for 5 minutes or 30…you never know. They are kids after all! But try them out, adapt them if needed and hopefully you have some fun. 


Please also note that I’m an affiliate for Amazon so the links I’ve provided through my Amazon Store Front will earn me commission 🙂 It’s at no extra cost to you but blogging is part of my job and this is how I get paid! I love producing content for you and this allows me to invest in the time to keep going!




  1. Activity Books…there are endless supplies of activity books to choose from. Usborne books has a new section called ‘Learning At Home’ which includes art, sticker books, boredom busters, reading resources.


  1. Amazon– Some great activities that are open ended and can be played independently such as Tina’s Toy Company (we love the tiny teddy game), Melissa and Doug sticker books, scratch books, water painting books and more. Check out my Amazon store front with all my favourite things!


  1. Table mirrors for self portraits. Give your child a mirror and a piece of art paper and a pencil. Have them draw their face and then use crayons/paints to colour! Also consider drawing your family, your home and other objects you collect on a nature walk!


  1. Marbles-so many things to do with marbles! Head to my IG highlights @meghanbrazier and look for “kids activities” and you can see everything I do there. Not only can you use them on a marble track but you can paint with them (grab a baking tray, put some paper at the bottom and a few blobs of paint…throw a few marbles in and have them move the tray around to roll the marbles and make cool patterns!), use straws to blow them into containers and lots of other fun made up games.




  1. Board games and card games like Guess Who (which is back in fashion!), Jenga, Uno and Old Maid are fun ones. Check my Amazon Shop for links!


  1. Use empty shoe boxes (or any box) and give your child a bag/container filled with stickers, crayons, paper, scissors and glue (or whatever is age appropriate). Have a design competition to create the fanciest box!


  1. Kinetic Sand and Play Dough- Endless hours of fun with this stuff. Make playdough with your kids as an activity too! Think about using it in different ways. For example, I gave each of my girls a tray with their kinetic sand and then random objects to put in the sand like figurines, marbles, cut out shapes etc. They also love to pretend bake with it. 


  1. Fuse Beads- this one is great for keeping their attention for a while…although I’d say the perfect age would be 8+. The twins (5) love this but don’t stick at it for more than 15-20 mins. Find it in my Amazon store front!

9. The bath/shower! Put unusual objects in the bath that they normally wouldn’t play with like kitchen tools and toys from the play room. My girls also love to wear their goggles and pretend to be mermaids. I bought them mermaid tails for the bath too! Again, check my Amazon Shop for these! Also popsicles in the bath is something fun to do because it takes them a while to eat and there is no mess!


10. Matchbox cars-get some tracks or simply have races along a table and put a laundry basket at the other end of the floor to catch the cars!


11. Obstacle courses! You can make these out of anything in your house! Pillows, chairs, tables, anything you can think of!


12. Sleeping lions…this was suggested by my friend Hannah (also a teacher) and it made me laugh! Children have to lie down and close their eyes and pretend to be asleep. Whoever can last the longest wins!


13. Baking…while some can’t stand the thought of this, it actually keeps them occupied for ages. Make some gingerbread cookies and you’ll find the rolling and making of the shapes keeps them occupied for quite some time! 


14. Fort building! We built a fort for the girls in their bedroom and the three of them played in it for ages and read books. It was amazing.


15. Magnatiles-endless fun with these…I bet you’ll get into it too!

16. If you have nerf guns draw a target on the glass door or window and start aiming!


17. Dot painting with cotton buds! Simply get some plain paper or a picture of anything and use cotton buds to make a dot painting.


18. Mess free painting by putting paint inside large ziplock bags (I suggest also taping the seal closed) and then your child can make letters, patterns, shapes with their fingers without getting messy! Also fun with hair gel and putting objects in the bag to move around. Tape the bags to a hard surface like the floor to make it easier!


19. Freeze toys in a plastic containers! Then they have to chip away at the ice with a spoon/safe knife (depending on age) to free the toys (new toys or maybe even a frozen treat like a wrapped chocolate egg will give them more of an inventive to keep chipping away!).


20. Puzzles, origami and beading/threading are amazing for all ages! I found a great origami set here which is great for 5-7 year olds!


21. Science experiments…For example, baking soda and vinegar! Make volcanoes using water bottles!


22. Create grocery lists, write a letter to a teacher/friend/parent, use a clipboard with paper and a pencil and go on a ‘letter’ hunt around the house. Record how many you find! 


23. Use this time to re-fold all your clothes, mix up your socks and then match them again, tidy your room, sort out your cupboards!


24. Movies! It’s ok to have some technology time. Lord knows we will need some downtime! So make it fun and make a cozy spot, get some popcorn and turn all the lights off like a movie theatre! Maybe watch some classics!



  1. Circletime has opened up it’s live and on-demand classes free to families!
    Code: homefun3 

2. Bubbles Academy is offering free virtual classes! 

3. Storyline online – when you need a break from reading to your kids, famous actors read all your favourite picture books out loud! It’s an awesome concept and it’s free!

4. Story Box Library is an Australian version of Storytime online! 

5. These education companies are offering FREE subscriptions due to school being cancelled! 

6. There are also some great options for online streaming for kids fitness and apps including:

Go Noodle: Lots of “fitness-y” things and TONS of fun!

Cosmic Kids Yoga- this is amazing! Yoga incoporated into different themes such as Frozen and Moana!

Go With Yoyo– great you tube channel for kids!

Union Square Play is offering free streaming..

 (Thank you to my friend Jessica Severino @lifeistooshorttowearbadlipstick for some of these suggestions)

5. Virtual Museum Tours! This is so awesome. Check out amazing galleries from around the world!!! Includes the British Museum, Guggenheim, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam and more!


  1. Ipad and online educational gamesABC Mouse, Noggin, Reading Eggs, Happy Numbers, Grandma’s kitchen, and Starfall are excellent for learning and what teacher’s use!









I know there is so much more so I will keep updating the more I think of or see others suggest! I hope this helps! And if you have more ideas please tell me what they are and I’ll add them!


Good luck…I hope your wine fridge is stocked! xx


Thank you Katie Lewis, Hannah Falk, Malia Warner, Megan Elbaum, Cassie Stockert, Melissa LaVine, Shannah French, Lindsey Mendez, Jess Fabal, Amanda Collin, Brittany Grant, Chelsea Brown, Pascale Ng, Stephanie Woodward and Jessica Severino for your contributions!


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