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by | Dec 3, 2017 | Wellness

Do you have a million things running around your head at night and can’t get to sleep? Does your husband fall asleep in two seconds and then you are there an hour later just tossing and turning???


Then you are like me.


I find it so hard to get to sleep! I think about everything. I worry about my children, then I think about everything I didn’t get done that day, what I need to do tomorrow, etc…I’m sure you get it!


So the other night when I couldn’t get to sleep I picked up my book “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero.I literally opened the book and there staring at me in the face read the title “Don’t Think Of Anything Upsetting In Bed At Night.“ Meant to be?!?! She explained how our minds are gigantic magnifying glasses at night, making fears 100 percent bigger when we’re lying there as a captive audience with nothing else to distract us.


This is so true right?


So basically, unless you are going to get up right then and there and take some sort of action, there is no point thinking about all these things. It’s never as bad when you wake up the next morning. We all know this, yet we still punish ourselves and go over things again and again in our minds.


Instead, (she explains) you need to use all of your meditative powers and BREATHE deeply. Focus on relaxing all of your muscles one by one, slowly and intentionally so that it takes up all the room in your brain that you were using to freak out with.


Listen to a guided meditation if you have to and think about all the incredible things in your life. Do whatever you can to get a good night’s sleep and deal with whatever it is in the morning.


So I did what she said and it actually worked. Give it a go, because the only thing worse than staying up all night worrying about something is being too tired the next day to deal with it!!!


This book is definitely worth a read! So many great life lessons!

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