Hey! I’m Meghan. I’m an Aussie who has been living in Chicago for the past four years. I am married to Andrew (also Australian) and we have three little girls Willow, Olive and Piper. My journey to motherhood was not an easy one. I struggled with infertility for years. Those who have gone through it know it’s such an emotional rollercoaster. But, it’s crazy what the motivation of wanting children can do for you. I wouldn’t change my journey for the world as not only did it give me the opportunity to practice patience, it also introduced me to a whole new world of healthy living. I thought I was reasonably healthy but there was so much more to learn! After seeing a naturopath and a lot of research, my husband and I cleaned up our diets and our home by switching our laundry, kitchen and personal care products to safer options.


Fast forward a few years and we moved to the US. I left my job as an early childhood teacher and Assistant Principal so my husband could follow an exciting job opportunity. I was also pregnant with my twin girls, Willow and Olive. So here I was in a new country, newly pregnant with no job and no friends! Sounds crazy right? Well, in time, I made friends (I love my Chicago ‘family’!), we found our home and were very much settled into our new life with our new babies. And then, when they were 15 months I fell pregnant again with Piper. Another IVF blessing.


I hadn’t been working for a couple of years and half way through this pregnancy I was feeling a little lost and looking for some purpose in my life (yes I’m quite well aware I was pregnant and chasing around two toddlers but I needed something else!). I also wanted to create financial freedom for our family (I missed the ‘Double Income No Kids’ days!!!). While I LOVED teaching, I couldn’t imagine going back to my day job while my girls were so little.  I decided to become an entrepreneur so I could work my own hours and be home with my children. Creating a place where I could still educate about the things I was passionate about was essential for me. I am now able to share all my passions through this blog. Here you will learn about early childhood education, eating well, switching to non-toxic products and healthy living in general.


Like you, my days are always full, so my aim is to make your life easier. I love recipes that are healthy and SIMPLE. I love sharing tips and tricks on how I stay organized with three children, how I aim to live a toxic free life and how I am building my business. What I learn along the way I share with you, so thank you for following my journey. My aim is to always give you something new to think about. xx

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