I’m Meghan! I’m an Aussie living in Chicago with my hubby Andrew and three little girls Willow, Olive (twins) and Piper. I’m a teacher turned stay at home mum turned entrepreneur who never would have thought she’d end up in network marketing! I didn’t even know what that was if I’m honest!  


A few years ago, you would have found me working full time as an Early Childhood teacher. I loved my job and I was on track to be a top leader in my school. But little did I know, life had other plans.


It all began with a journey of unexplained infertility where I learnt that the products I was using on my body and in my home could be affecting my fertility. That journey has led me into running a successful online business where I can educate others on living a healthier life. Further more, I now coach network marketers from all different companies to build their businesses online using simple strategies that help them sell and recruit in an authentic way (so they are not salesy or like an infomercial!). 


Today you can find me running around like a crazy person with my three very strong willed girls (I love them but man they drive me crazy), running my business from home, and hanging with my girlfriends. I also eat chocolate every day 🙂  


You wanna know what gets me fired up? Helping stay at home mothers who are feeling a little lost and ready for something for themselves again.  I love helping them start their own successful business so they can live the life of their dreams. That just makes me so happy!






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