A few cute fashion finds…

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Home and Style

I love cute fashion finds! I also love walking the streets with my bestie who loves to take photos! There are so many fun backgrounds in the West Loop in Chicago so we had fun running around taking some snaps! I posted the image above on Instagram for fun but everyone wanted to know all the outfit deets…

So here they are:

Black jumpsuitAlbion Fit

Bomber jacket-Club Monaco (sold out but find similar here)

Black Leather cross over bagStella and Dot (shop with Andrea Farry)

Shoes are so old but find an alternative here!

SunglassesOliver People’s


And then you can dress it down a little by switching to flats (I love carrying these around in my handbag when I’m in heels all day)! I love the Rose Gold one’s I’m wearing I got from e.Allen Boutique but they are sold out! BUT I LOVE these ones they have in stock now!!! Get them before I do!!!

So there’s my little fashion blog. I hope you enjoyed it! As I said, I’ve never seen myself as a fashion blogger. I just wear what I like. I don’t read fashion magazines or get overly excited about Fashion Week…but I know what I like, what my style is and I’m happy to share. Would you like to see more of this?

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